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Dayton man, 45, pleads guilty to rape of girl, 12

LITTLE VALLEY – Dwight E. Johnston Jr., 45, of Dayton, pleaded guilty Monday before Cattaraugus County Judge Ronald D. Ploetz to a third-degree rape charge for having sex with a 12-year-old girl 14 months ago.

Though initially arrested for having sex with the same girl from December 2011 through Feb. 7, 2012, the day of the incident for which he pleaded guilty, his plea satisfied his indictment. He faces sentencing June 17.

In other court action this week:

• Ploetz ordered Daniel J. Kolata, 43, of Olean, to serve a one- to three-year prison term on his driving while intoxicated conviction for an incident in the City of Olean on March 18, 2012. Cattaraugus County District Attorney Lori Pettit Rieman said Kolata had a blood alcohol reading that day of 0.16 percent, twice the state’s legal limit.

• Kurtis V. Dowdy, 23, of Salamanca, was ordered to serve a one-year local jail term on his attempted-assault and resisting arrest convictions for a fight with Salamanca police officers during a Nov. 20, 2011, incident.

• Jason A. Rivera, 35, of Olean, was placed on probation for five years on his attempted-burglary plea in a Dec. 24, 2011, Town of Portville incident.

• Michael D. Lyons Jr., 30, of Olean, was fined $1,000 and his driver’s license revoked for a year, as the judge placed him on probation for five years on his aggravated driving while intoxicated plea in a March 16, 2012, incident in the Town of Allegany.

• Kristin M. Kulczyk, 23, of Cattaraugus, was placed on probation for three years on her plea to criminal trespass and petit larceny in an Aug. 10, 2011, incident in the Town of Otto.

• Joshua D. Evans, 32, of Bolivar, faces sentencing Aug. 5 on his guilty plea to aggravated driving while intoxicated in the City of Olean Nov. 17. District Attorney Pettit Rieman said Evans’ blood-alcohol level that day was 0.24 percent, three times the state’s legal limit.

Facing sentencing June 17 on pleas this week are:

• Eric R. Smith, 23, of Olean, on an attempted-burglary plea in an Olean incident last Aug. 7.

• Jared T. Wrazen, 20, of Delevan, on an attempted-assault plea in a Town of Ashford incident last Dec. 1.

• Joseph W. Duhan, 23, of Salamanca, on a plea to criminal mischief in a Salamanca incident March 6. Prosecutors said Duhan also faces restitution for more than $1,500 in property damage.

• Gavin J. Howard, 27, of Great Valley, for a plea of aggravated driving while intoxicated in the Village of Ellicottville last July 24.

• Derick Allshouse, 20, of Olean, on a plea to criminal possession of stolen property in a March 17, 2012, incident in Olean.

• Jonathan E. Fey, 21, of Olean, on a plea to attempted burglary in a May 17, 2012, incident in the Town of Hinsdale.

Also this week, not-guilty pleas to indictments were entered by:

• Bradley A. Stuckey, 27, of Olean, to second-degree burglary in an Olean incident last Nov. 2.

• Joshua D. Bakowski, 18, of Delevan, to burglary and petit larceny charges in five incidents in Delevan between Sept. 17 and Oct. 16.

• Harlow T. Day, 27, of Allegany, for a driving while intoxicated arrest in the Town of Allegany Oct. 25.

• Christopher C. Reding, 26, of Randolph, on an aggravated drunken driving charge in the Town of Napoli Oct. 26.

• David A. Foster, 56, of Olean, for a felony drug incident Feb. 1 in Olean.