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Letter: Why can’t patients have a little peace and quiet?

Why can’t patients have a little peace and quiet?

The article “Searching for solace” in the March 30 issue of Refresh was much appreciated. It talked about the health benefits of stillness and quiet in our everyday lives. In other words, silence is good for your health.

It seems to me that all health care professionals would be well aware of this fact. Why is it, then, that in the waiting rooms of many health care professionals, there is at least one television blasting away (often no one is watching); and when you call their offices, you almost always end up on hold, where you are forced to listen to irritating infomercials or music that jars your nerves and sets your teeth on edge, to a point where you can’t hear yourself think? It’s also possible your blood pressure could be affected.

Is it possible that dealing with many health care professionals could be hazardous to your health?

Peg Mergenhagen