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Letter: State turns its back on disabled citizens

State turns its back on disabled citizens

How could Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in good conscience and moral standing, sign a bill that unfairly targets the funding of support systems and agencies that are the foundation for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities?

This thoughtless action will have a negative impact on individuals who are in greatest need of these essential services. It will place a burden on thousands of families, reduce staffing, erode the quality of care and force those who are medically frail and require 24-hour care into a disastrous situation.

Yet, this same state government has passed a fiscal plan that will fund a stadium rehabilitation project for the Buffalo Bills, $350 tax rebate checks, and more than $2 billion in tax breaks over five years for the film and television industry doing work in New York.

How much is being spent on the misleading current TV ad that declares “The state government is working for you”? The state government is definitely not working for our most vulnerable citizens by dissolving their programs as they fund handouts, as part of their political agenda, to influence future votes.

We must be the voice for those who cannot speak out against such an injustice, and the compassionate heartbeat for those unable to express their needs. We must be the responsible and informed state taxpayers who let Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and government officials who supported this bill know we are outraged with their irresponsible actions that will result in a catastrophic outcome for our most cherished and loved members of our community.

Cindy LaPlante