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Letter: Appalling lack of respect shown to Amherst residents

Appalling lack of respect shown to Amherst residents

Wow. How does that happen? Residents of Snyder are outraged about the building of a new Hyatt Hotel on a small parcel of land in their quaint little community and the developer is granted everything he asks for from the Town of Amherst. I have witnessed the total arrogance of the developer, attended the Town Board meetings and cannot believe the final outcome. The lack of respect for the residents of this community by the Town Board and supervisor are very surreal.

The people of Amherst had better wake up. This can happen in any neighborhood. The whole deal or process is very shady and reeks of suspicious deal-making. What rights do the residents of Amherst have in the management of their own living arrangements? In a one- and two-block radius, there are two of the area’s most prominent grade schools. Who wants to be exposed to transients in the neighborhood?

To the Amherst leaders: Thanks for ruining a once-great place to live. I have loved living in the Snyder community for the past 33 years. I know who is who, and I vote.

Mickey Glenn