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Letter: Bishop does not need mansion as residence

Bishop does not need mansion as residence

As a practicing Catholic, I am both embarrassed and insulted by Bishop Richard Malone’s questionable defense of his supposed need for an 11,000-square-foot mansion as his residence.

His justification centers around three points: 1) He uses it for meetings. 2) If he sold it, he would need to buy another house. 3) It impresses potential donors. None of these arguments holds water. The diocese has closed hundreds of facilities in recent years and it has an abundance of meeting spaces and living spaces.

It would appear that the real problem is that none of the alternatives are opulent enough for his tastes. His point about impressing potential donors seems to be more in line with the reasoning one might expect from Jim and Tammy Bakker rather than from Father Baker or Mother Teresa.

Our church needs more leaders like Pope Francis and Cardinal Sean O’Malley. We need fewer summer palaces, mansions, helicopters and red Prada booties. We also need less arrogance on the part of our leaders.

Joseph Rosenecker