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Letter: Poor service is likely to doom post office

Poor service is likely to doom post office

My letter concerns the terrible service that Hamburg and other Southtowns are receiving from the U.S. Postal Service. No, it is not the employees’ fault; they are quite polite and appear to be hard working. The long delays in delivery stem from a decision by the post office management to route our mail to wherever it is going via Rochester. When I send mail to my kids in Illinois and Colorado, I often send it with tracking and then watch as the estimated delivery dates are made a mockery of. The Priority Mail two-day estimate more often than not turns into five days to a week as my mail goes first east to Rochester and then onto a plane for its trip out West. What is this, a jobs program for the Rochester area? I think we have a large post office processing center in Buffalo.

I am all for efficiency and cost savings, but not at the cost of at least, halfway decent service. I know that post office management is under the gun financially, but does this mean that it will act to make its service so worthless that we will all use private mail service? I do not know why the post office made this decision, but it is clearly not in the best interest of the taxpayers and customers in Hamburg and other Southtowns. In the end, worthless mail service will result in a public outcry to get rid of the Postal Service, and in my opinion, we will all suffer from that outcome.

Joseph M. Cuddihy