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Letter: Every life is sacred, including the unborn

Every life is sacred, including the unborn

I have to take exception to the Another Voice from the Rev. Jeremy Lopez regarding Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Agenda. I agree with most of the reverend’s points about equality for women in unfair treatment at work, unequal pay and benefits. However, I think that his endorsement for abortion is contrary to many Christian faiths. Obviously, his being on the Clergy Advisory Board of Concerned Clergy for Choice is a dead giveaway of the pastor’s standing on abortion.

When I read the line, “As a Christian church, we affirm the sacredness of all human life,” I was taken aback. Why does he not think that a baby growing in its mother’s womb is a human life? It is a human life, not a kitten or a puppy, that is growing and it deserves just as much the right to life as any full-grown human being. Women do deserve the best health care, the same as men, but their rights stop when they involve the killing of another human who also has the constitutional “right to life.”

Peggy Mengay