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Letter: Amherst Town Board controls development

Amherst Town Board controls development

I read with great interest the comments from the developers and the village mayor concerning the recent hotel controversy in the Town of Amherst. I don’t live in the Village of Williamsville, but I shop and eat there frequently and enjoy Williamsville’s “village ambience.” I don’t feel that the size of the Main Street hotel was appropriate for that spot. I also feel that the residents behind the proposed Iskalo development have a right to not have their beautiful homes overshadowed and devalued by a six-story Hyatt Hotel.

Developers have a right to make money, but that does not mean that the residents near a development should always lose it. One of the developers suggested that the town should provide developers with better direction, design guidance and restrictions from the start. He’s right.

But the answer isn’t to form another committee to do that, as Amherst has just done. That’s not where the power lies. The power lies with the Town Board. As a former Amherst Town Board member, I know firsthand that no actions concerning appropriate development in the town occur without the approval of the supervisor and the council members.

Penny F. Zeplowitz