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Letter: No reason to sell bishop’s mansion

No reason to sell bishop’s mansion

Enough already with the bishop’s residence! I believe we are all going to go to heaven; some of us just for processing. However, I don’t believe the “application for heaven/affirmation of character” form’s first 10 questions will include one related to the bishop’s residence. I don’t believe God will ask us how a residence on Oakland Place may have prevented us from leading a good life or that he will give us bonus points because, in spite of the residence, we still managed to lead a virtuous life.

Catholic Charities’ expenses for the years ended June 30, 2011, and June 30, 2010, were approximately $35.4 million each year. So, for discussion sake, let’s say the residence sells at its assessed value of $1.3 million. These funds would have covered about two weeks of the yearly expense. Then what? I suppose the diocese could consider selling some of its churches or their artwork, too.

So, again, enough already with this specious argument. If you really want to help the poor and your spiritual life, donate to Catholic Charities and take a minute to read what the Bible says at Matthew Chapter 10, verses 40-42. And then spend some time thinking about and understanding what these verses can really touch on in your life. I honestly believe this time will better prepare us for and alleviate our final processing.

Chuck Wenzel