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Letter: Heartwarming stories inspire hope for future

Heartwarming stories inspire hope for future

The front page of the April 1 News brought me unexpected joy. As I read the article about Pope Francis waiting patiently as a youngster with a disability struggled to hug him in order to hug the child back, I reflected on my relationship with the Catholic Church. I was taught by the Sisters of St. Francis, and because of them and my devotion to St. Francis, I wanted to become a missionary. It didn’t work out, and over time I lost faith in the hierarchy of the church to care for all of its members so I left. Francis is bringing out the missionary spirit in me.

On the same page was the article about the expansion of the Metro Rail system into the medical corridor. “UB depicts a transit facility similar to those of bigger cities in which stations are incorporated into larger buildings. Thus moving UB students and thousands of other medical campus employees every day.” The thought of Buffalo being on par with bigger, more prosperous cities, at least in this arena, and having thousands of employees in central city, with the accent on thousands, was another moment of unexpected joy.

Marguerite Battaglia