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it seems to us …

As soon as some airlines decided to start weighing carry-on luggage, passengers should have known they would be next to step on the scale.

Samoa Air has instituted a weight-based airfare for flyers, along with that of passengers’ luggage. The people cost is 93 cents to $1.06 for each kilogram, or 2.2 pounds. It could add up to an extra $20 to $40 in fees. If the idea spreads, maybe it will prompt segments of the country to go on a mass diet and start exercising. Or, more likely, put a dent in the tourism industry as people opt to stay at home, where they can contentedly remain couch potatoes.

Washington politicians can’t give their money away fast enough as they join in “solidarity” with federal workers facing furloughs. Newly minted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced on Tuesday that he would give back a share of his salary for each day Pentagon employees are furloughed. The next day, President Obama said he plans to return to the Treasury 5 percent of his $400,000 salary. Then the list started growing.

Eleanor Holmes Norton, who represents the District of Columbia, has said she would stop collecting her pay for each day federal workers are furloughed. And it’s smart. The District of Columbia is teeming with federal workers. No word yet on House Republican or Democratic leadership.

Buffalo caught a break this week when the Department of Veterans Affairs reversed itself and decided to allow the Golden Age Games to go on as planned. The department had previously announced it was canceling the games, only 10 weeks before they were to begin and after six years of planning. The decision threatened not only competing veterans and their families and supporters, but also the local economy, with hotels, restaurants and other businesses taking a bath.

But, persuaded by members of the region’s congressional delegation, the VA’s leadership thought better of it and changed its mind. It was the right decision. Game on.