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Dudzik has decent debut as Ch.2 anchor

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

We live in an amazing technological world.

I spent last weekend in Washington, D.C., watching my alma mater, Syracuse, win the East Regional in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament with my oldest son Ben.

However, I didn’t miss some of the first newscasts anchored by Channel 2’s newest addition, Kelly Dudzik, who had spent a few weeks reporting since arriving from Little Rock, Ark. before going into the anchor seat. I was able to watch a couple of editions of Channel 2 News featuring Dudzik streamed live on my iPad.

I found it to be amazing. Not Dudzik’s debut as an anchor, which was fine on its own. Dudzik, a Syracuse grad who was a candidate for the "Daybreak" co-anchor slot eventually given to fellow Syracuse graduate Melissa Holmes, is a decent news reader. She didn’t achieve the instant star level of Channel 4’s Diana Fairbanks in her debut, but Dudzik is more than passable and probably will wear well on audiences as her visibility expands on several newscasts.



Kelly Dudzik

The idea that I could watch Channel 2 News live while 400 miles away was what was amazing. I’m not exactly sure how it helps Channel 2 financially since the commercials aren’t streamed. But it does allow businessman and basketball fans to watch the local news while they are out of town.

When I came back home, I asked Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner how the live streaming helped the station. In an email, Toellner explained it provides “service to our viewers, exposes more to our products, ads will follow.”   

While watching at 11 p.m. Saturday, I also caught Channel 2
sports anchor Jonah Javad’s latest snarky attempt at humor. Addressing the Bills
reported signing of former Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb, Javad said something to the
effect that fans should break out the champagne if they are into “mediocrity.”

The comment seemed a little harsh, but at least Javad tries hard to say something rather than just give the same old boring sports report. When he tries too hard -- and that is often -- Javad can be very annoying.

The Kolb signing hasn’t exactly been greeted positively on talk radio, either, primarily because he had a rough year in Arizona, which was one of the few teams the Bills beat last season. However, Kolb had a horrible offensive line and was running for his life before he got injured. How horrible was it? The Cards’ O-line made the Bills defensive line look like world-beaters. Maybe the Bills brass thinks he’ll be fine if he gets any pass protection.


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