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Gov. Cuomo sees better days

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a chip off the old block when it comes
Cuomo to impassioned speech. The son of a great orator, the current Gov. Cuomo can make a persuasive and eloquent speech on any issue that interests him

Where he differs from his father, the first Gov. Cuomo, is in his commitment to Buffalo. Andrew Cuomo says he is "all in" when it comes to boosting Buffalo's economy. His much publicized "Buffalo Billion" in economic development resources remains a commitment, and Cuomo said he is putting his personal reputation and political prestige on the line with the effort.

That's powerful stuff. The Buffalo economy has struggled for decades, stumbling through the transition from heavy manufacturing to a knowledge-based economy. For the ambitious young governor to pronounce his personal stake in Buffalo, and commit to keeping the rest of the 'billion' coming, it reiterates the importance of this time in the city's history. Change now, believe in the transformation now, or stay in low gear and lament the missed opportunity for decades to come.

Cuomo, speaking to The News editorial board today, challenged the people of the region to get on board, and "believe in" the improving economy. He recalled an economic development speech he once heard in which the true economic ambassadors were identified: the cab drivers, waitresses and hotel clerks. When those people believe in better days, and convey that belief to others, things are really changing.

-Grove Potter

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