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Letter: Residents being ignored on issue of Snyder hotel

Residents being ignored on issue of Snyder hotel

I was very dismayed to read that the Town of Amherst granted $1.4 million in tax breaks for Iskalo to develop a larger than six-story hotel in the community of Snyder. It proves the Amherst Industrial Development Agency is extremely short-sighted. This project will decrease the values of the homes in the immediate area and these homes are some of the most expensive in the neighborhood. Once these homes are devalued, the surrounding homes will also lose their value. This will cause a decrease of the tax base in the long run.

How sad to change the community with an oversized hotel. When referring to the project, one of the Iskalo vice presidents said, “it won’t be nearly as bad …” which obviously means it will be bad, period. I was also dismayed to read that Building Commissioner Thomas Ketchum supports the use of the developer’s survey for the boundaries of Mike’s Pond rather than the survey done by the people who own the pond.

I would think that when there is a conflicting survey, more details would be needed in order to assess the situation. “It’s the way it’s always done” is a terrible way to do business. Shame on the Town of Amherst for allowing that mentality to prevail. This project has been given nine variances and $1.4 million, yet its survey has not been examined by the town’s building commissioner. Where is the long-term thought in putting such a large project in such a site? The Amherst politicians have shown little regard for the people of Amherst who oppose the scale of this project. This project saddens me, as it does the community of Snyder.

Beth Reilly, D.D.S.