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Letter: Let’s pass gun laws that suit the times

Let’s pass gun laws that suit the times

Regrettably, much has been debated in recent months about gun violence and gun ownership. One thing we can all agree upon, something has to change.

Improving safety measures and encouraging those with serious inner conflict to seek counseling could somewhat reduce our risk of being killed in a mass shooting. But we can’t be protected everywhere, and many people who commit a crime show no outward symptoms of being seriously disturbed before doing so. Banning assault weapons won’t be a perfect strategy either. But we have to respond to the problem at hand and try to remove these heart-wrenching events from our landscape.

It’s time gun enthusiasts step up to the plate and contribute to society by not complaining about the new state gun restriction. No one needs assault weapons for protection, but we need protection from them. Many can be harmed by this type of gun before an offender can be subdued.

What would our forefathers find more disturbing today? Adjusting our right to bear arms or losing our right to live a full life? The writers of the U.S. Constitution couldn’t anticipate the capabilities of our contemporary weaponry. We need laws that suit the times.

Judy Catalano