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Letter: Cuomo forfeits ethics to safeguard abortion

Cuomo forfeits ethics to safeguard abortion

Philadelphia abortion provider Dr. Kermit Gosnell faces eight counts of murder. Seven of those charges stem from the deaths of viable, full-term newborns. Across the state line, New York’s governor proposes “expanding women’s rights” by extending the gestational time line for abortion up until the moment of birth and by credentialing non-physician health care providers to provide surgical abortion.

The events beg a number of questions: Is the child in the womb “property” and therefore, as were the slaves, subject to abuse or even death at the whim of its “owner?” Does humanity begin with our exit from the womb? Does “freedom and justice for all” actually mean “all who exit the womb intact”?

Consider that the distinction between Gosnell and New York’s governor exists exclusively in presentation. Facilitated by secular media, the exact same atrocity designates Gosnell as a murderer while Andrew Cuomo successfully rationalizes grotesque immorality to become the most recent populist champion of women’s rights.

Many health care professionals and facilities choose to not facilitate genocide. America’s freedoms do not extend to infanticide. In sacrificing reason and ethics to political expediency, Cuomo calls America’s health care providers to civil disobedience. History will remember us either as followers of corrupt government and quiet facilitators of America’s Holocaust or as defenders of reason and ethics and as protectors of the most innocent and defenseless of Americans.

John Brach, M.D.

East Aurora