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Outgoing Forestville mayor unveils budget plan, sets stage for successor

FORESTVILLE – Forestville Mayor Beth Bowker presented a tentative budget and provided some information about the year ahead for Mayor-elect Linda Aures, who is currently a trustee.

The tentative budget, with total appropriations of $347,786, was drafted with a reduction of $1,986 over the current year’s budget. Bowker advised Aures that she and her new board could work on changes in the budget during the next few weeks.

Eric Wies, an engineer with Clark Patterson Lee Engineering of Buffalo, gave an update on water improvements and offered to set up a meeting with the new board members so they could be informed of the progress of the project.

Wies said the project was slowed down recently due to issues with voltage for the pumps at the new wells. He said he hopes the problem will be corrected within a month.

“We are in good shape from an emergency perspective,” said Wies, who reported that other work is on target.

Charles Brewster, the village’s head of public works, said a well is being completed this week and another will be started soon.

The engineering firm will seek bids for water line replacements. The hope is to have contractors working on that phase of the water improvement project this summer. When completed, the village will obtain its water supply from wells instead of from springs.

Wies said the line replacement project will be “messy” and village officials can expect that residents will complain about their driveways and yards being disrupted by the digging to replace lines. Wies said there is a good possibility that landscaping to repair the areas will not be done until 2014. He said village residents also should be prepared that they may need to replace service lines to their homes and will be responsible for the cost.

Wies said his firm is looking for some funding sources for residents who may need replacement but are not able to pay for it.

In other matters, the three board members present failed to authorize a motion to connect the village to the Global Connect Phone System. Aures said she believes there are less-expensive alternatives.

The resignation of Trustee Carol Woodward, which was dated Feb. 27, was accepted.

When the new mayor takes over, she will have her own vacancy and Woodward’s to fill.