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Letter: It’s time for America to take care of its own

It’s time for America to take care of its own

As we race to the “fiscal cliff” and cuts to education, national defense and the safety net for fellow Americans, we are reminded of this need because of the enormous debt the country has built up. The nation is reminded that it is not financially equipped to meet the needs of suffering Americans after Sandy and Katrina or the hordes of homeless, hungry and unemployed people. Our infrastructure is crumbling as well, and we are told that there is no money to repair it.

Fast forward to the recent Israeli-Gaza fighting. Apparently the needs at home are quickly forgotten, as the media report that billions will be available to bolster the Israeli Iron Dome” defense system.

Where are these dollars coming from – an increase to the national debt, which is pushing us to the “fiscal cliff”? At a time when the programs to keep America strong and help the people are being cut, it is ironic that we can find the funds to give away while Americans are left homeless, hungry, protected with a diminished national defense and our veterans are left in a void. We are told to suffer because the nation cannot help its own anymore. Maybe it’s time for the nation to work on the problems at home before we so eagerly pay to help others while Americans, who foot the bill, are left to suffer.

Ron Koczaja