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Letter: Far too many doctors fail to respect patients

Far too many doctors fail to respect patients

I appreciated Stephen Brown’s My View column regarding his ophthalmologist’s disrespectful attitude. The way this doctor treated his patient leads me to believe that no matter how much education, experience, accomplishments and maturity a patient brings into the doctor’s office, he or she is still often treated like a recalcitrant child.

With a high-deductible plan, my husband and I pay 100 percent of costs out-of-pocket up to $3,000. We consider ourselves consumers, with every right to be treated as an equal partner in our medical care.

I would think that in an industry that kills an estimated 100,000 people a year through medical/drug mistakes and carelessness, doctors would be more willing to listen to patients like Brown, and entertain their questions regarding treatments.

Coleen A. Hanna