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Letter: Let cars park in street when there is no snow

Let cars park in street when there is no snow

This missive is addressed to the-powers-that-be who run West Seneca. I understand that my humble township is involved in many issues, however, I fail to understand its enforcement of the dreaded parking ban, in effect from Nov. 15 through March 15.

Back when West Seneca was first incorporated into a township, many homes were built a la ’60s style, with one- or one-and-a-half car garages, ranch homes and single-car driveways. Mom was a homemaker and Dad worked at his day job. One-car families with X amount of children. These families grew up and moved out, making way for second- and third-generation families to move in.

This is a lovely area, with wonderful management but extremely high taxes. Those of us who moved in during the second or third homeowner change did much to our houses. We expanded, we remodeled, we made our quality of life better in a nice community. However, not all of us expanded our driveways. For that digression, we will always be trapped in – oh, how I hate to use this term – a policed society from 1 a.m. until 7 a.m.

My husband and I are the second owners of the home that we love. We’ve been here since 1985. We fall into the above category. No place for the third car to go for the parking hiatus. The third car is here because of the return of our daughter with her two children.

My question is this: Why is the parking ban enforced when there is no snow? The whole point of it was to make sure the streets were clear for plowing. No snow. No plowing. Two years running now, tickets run rampant. At $15 per infraction, this is big money for the town. Maybe it’s time to look elsewhere.

Julie Czosek

West Seneca