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Letter: Anti-Obama sign is way out of line

Anti-Obama sign is way out of line

I went to my New World Dictionary and I found the word renege (to back out) but I definitely did not find “reniged.” Either the elderly fellow in Aurora can’t spell (a possibility) or he is just being plain mean. He is probably not breaking any laws other than typical town signage rules that even my church got into trouble over in Amherst a few years ago.

I admit I did not vote for George W. Bush, but I was in awe of Air Force One when he flew over my house once and I stood outside to watch it. I never put up signs “Bush vs. America” like the ones I saw with the name Obama instead. Right-wing talk radio and Fox News apparently will never give President Obama an inch, and I think signage such as reported on in The News is out of line.

Robert W. Snyder

Clarence Center