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Niagara Street getting some love; chicken not so much


Niagara Street is a vibrant commercial corridor with numerous small businesses
Rich products and restaurants, but like so many areas of the city, it can use a little sprucing up. The giant corporate presence on the street, Rich Products Corp., has announced plans to invest $18.5 million to its facilities and headquarters. The project is expected to receive grants and tax breaks.

And the city of Buffalo is joining in the effort with a $10 million improvement plan for Niagara Street from Niagara Square to Tonawanda Street. The NFTA is also pledging to improve its bus service along the street.

The projects are coming at an opportune time. Niagara Street is a vital commercial corridor on the city's
LOC CanalsideWest Side that will benefit from the attention.

Speaking of attention, how about the distasteful bill board that an animal-protection organization put up near Ralph Wilson Stadium? The group, called Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, advocates for a vegan lifestyle. It claims to have done studies that show E coli baterteria in more than 50 percent of the chicken it tested in area supermarkets.
Billboard The National Chicken Council refutes the groups claims, calling them misleading. But the billboard is sure to get noticed. A man with red and blue face paint looks at a chicken wing beside the words: "It's a Crapshoot: Feces Taints 50% of Buffalo Chicken" 

Pretty crude.

- Grove Potter

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