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Letter: Stores would not open if shoppers stayed home

Stores would not open if shoppers stayed home

For anyone who is wondering where the Thanksgiving holiday has gone, look no further than your own image in the mirror. We all had the ability to let the executives who run the big-box stores know we will not forsake our families to help them be No. 1 in sales on a day that was set aside to spend with family and friends giving thanks for the blessings we have.

Is there not enough money to be made between Black Friday and Christmas? When did it become Black Thanksgiving? I, for one, will not spend one nickel in any store that found the need to be open on Thanksgiving – and I mean for the whole year.

We ask: What has happened to family? Greed happened. Thanksgiving dinner was not meant to be like the drive-through at McDonald’s – hurry up and eat so we can go Christmas shopping. I love Christmas. But I don’t need it to start before Halloween and for the “biggest sale” to happen on Thanksgiving.

To the employees who were forced to work on this national holiday, I am sorry that you are not important enough to your employer to have the same consideration as they have for themselves. I am sure the execs were not working on Thanksgiving. Shame on them and those who shopped.

Sandi Germain