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Letter: Spend quality time, rather than money

Spend quality time, rather than money

I resent the idea of being labeled a Scrooge, especially by members of the retail establishment or people who don’t understand a person’s belief system. I agree with the letter writer who said people shouldn’t yell at employees because of a company’s decision to start peddling Christmas in September. But people like me get riled when we see Christmas being drawn out earlier and earlier every year.

A company’s job is to make a profit, of course, not to teach what the holiday is really about. I liken the consumerism part of the holiday to an addiction – once you begin, you crave more. About $450 billion is spent on the holiday season. I wonder how much money is spent on charities every holiday?

I don’t celebrate the tradition of a “one day a year” Christmas, because each day is a new day, a gift. Hence this is why it’s called the present. Instead of spending time and money at the store, why not spend time at local homeless shelters, soup kitchens, animal shelters, hospice, nursing homes or group homes? Many of our elderly, disabled, disadvantaged and orphaned children don’t have people who come see them regularly. Could we please stop thinking about our wallets for a few weeks and come up with a new marketing gimmick?

Russell J. Fowler