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Letter: Secessionists should renounce citizenship

Secessionists should renounce citizenship

After the presidential election, I was concerned about the sort of mischief our nation’s crazies might get themselves into. I was relieved when it turned out to be secession. What a great idea! They are busy in all 50 states signing petitions for their respective states to withdraw from the Union. That should keep them harmlessly occupied for a while.

Now I suspect those efforts may be fruitless, and thus quite frustrating. Therefore, I suggest to each secessionist a Plan B. Your state won’t secede from the Union? You are a person of principle and strong convictions; do it yourself, individually. Personal secession simply would involve renouncing your U.S. citizenship.

That means giving up rights that being a citizen entails. Certainly, it would include the right to vote. You would not be eligible for election to any public office. You would not receive any government-sourced educational loans or grants, let alone even be allowed to attend an educational institution.

As a resident non-citizen, would you need a “green card” to be employed? Perhaps you would not be eligible for Medicare, Social Security and that sort of thing. Certainly not unemployment insurance, any form of public assistance or anything but the most basic stabilization health care in an emergency.

You might be the recipient of some non-constitutional treatment like detention without due process. Even if you denounced your citizenship by seceding from the Union, you are still not exactly an alien, legal or otherwise. Proving that you are in this country legally might be problematic.

In summary, your life might become rather difficult, but you surely would have the satisfaction of standing up for your principles. Go for it! Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck will be proud of you.

Paul Lawton