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Letter: Judges must dismiss frivolous lawsuits

Judges must dismiss frivolous lawsuits

News that the Buffalo Bills are facing a lawsuit for three excess text messages to a fan (Nov. 12 News) is another black eye for our legal system. While it is easy to laugh at crazy lawsuits like this, the effect of these lawsuits is very real and no laughing matter. Our businesses, doctors and municipalities are under siege from frivolous lawsuits and most of them are for astronomical amounts.

It is hard to believe that Jerry Wojcik, the plaintiff in the case, suffered any damages from text messages sent; however, he is demanding up to $1,500 per “excessive call violations.” Of course, Wojcik is probably hoping the Bills just settle, rather than pay the cost of litigating the case. Sadly, too many companies, municipalities and medical professionals settle bad cases, compounding the problem and encouraging others to file meritless lawsuits. These cases drain our economy by raising the cost of insurance and medical care for all of us. Further, the lawsuits increase our taxes, as schools and municipalities are often the target of litigation.

We cannot expect our legislators in Albany to help stem the tide of lawsuit abuse, they still defend the rights of trespassers to sue homeowners. New York judges need to step up, dismiss these cases and impose fines on those who file frivolous cases and the attorneys who represent them. Unless those who file bad cases are punished, people will keep filing them.

Thomas H. Waring Jr.