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Cool tools on Business page

The online Business section of The Buffalo News has some very interesting tools - but they are a little hard to find.

Near the top right corner of the Business home page is a section called "Stock Watchlist," a list of big moving stocks of the day. In the bottom right corner of that section is a green button called "Markets."

Clicking that green button opens a range of stock market tools that are in real time and are fun to navigate.  For instance, the first button on the top bar is "Buffalo Local Index."  Clicking that takes you to an interactive page built around the public companies that are either headquartered in Western New York or have a substantial presence.

The next button, "Markets," takes you to a real-time page on the stock market.

There are also buttons on "Mutual funds," different market "Sectors,"  and "Rates," which is loans, mortgages, and CD's.

But the one I like to use is the last botton, called "Tools."  Here you create a password (it's free), and then you can set up a portfolio that is tracked in real time. You can put stocks and funds you really own, or set up a fantasy portfolio. I set up a fantasy portfolio with $1,000 a few weeks ago. I 'bought' Ford, GE, Toyota, Verizon and Yahoo. Today, I'm up 91 cents. (So much for my stock picking ability.)

It's fun, and it sharpens your focus on what's happening in the market.

- Grove Potter






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