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Trivia Quiz / by Donald Saltz

1. The world’s largest lake is known as a sea. Identify it.

2. Is it true or false that jade is usually green or white?

3. Does the U.S. Vice President receive a tax-free expense account?

4. What is the shortest verse in the Bible? It contains only two words.

5. Is Iowa or Idaho the “Hawkeye State”?

6. What is the food made from small intestines of pigs?

7. The British name for the letter “Z” is . . .

8. How many furlongs equal a mile?

9. A squid, crab or lobster may be referred to as a decapod. What is the meaning of decapod?

10. According to a law of thermodynamics, if a hot object and a cold object are brought into contact with each other, they eventually reach the same temperature. True or false?


1. Caspian Sea, which is 760 miles long and has an area of more than 143,000 square miles.


3. No. He receives an annual $20,000 taxable expense account for official duties costs, plus $90,000 for official entertainment expenses.

4. “Jesus wept.” It may be found in John 11:35.

5. Iowa. Idaho is the “Gem state.”

6. Chitterlings.

7. “Zed.”

8. Eight.

9.The word refers to a crustacean or cephaloped with 10 legs or arms.

10. True.