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Letter: Mess at CIA reads like a spy thriller

Mess at CIA reads like a spy thriller

This is one thriller that even Erle Stanley Gardner couldn’t come up with! America’s top spy, a retired four-star general, engaged in a dalliance with a woman who has been alive slightly longer than he has been married – who by the way is also his biographer. Then there’s the Florida socialite with a twin sister who is engaged in a bitter custody battle. Now to further confuse things, along comes general number two (active), who is acquainted with the previous players and is in serious cyberspace with the woman being harassed by the spy’s paramour. All this comes to a head when the FBI investigates the CIA. The biographer has classified material, someone knows the comings and goings of high-placed officials and Congress and the White House were kept in the dark. What a plot! Where’s Erle?

Denny Cox