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Maziarz has left ?county in last place

For the past 18 years many of us have stood idly by while Sen. George Maziarz has left Niagara County in economic last place.

Due to Albany dysfunction of which Maziarz has been at the heart of, we suffer through the worst property taxes to home value in the nation. While serving as the chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, Maziarz has claimed to champion low-cost power, yet we've paid the highest residential electric rates in the continental United States.

Meanwhile, Maziarz voted to send hundreds of millions of dollars of hydropower generated right here in Niagara County to Albany to pay for the overblown and frivolous spending plans of Joe Bruno and party bosses.

He defends just some of his sweeps as "energy programs," most of which didn't benefit Niagara County. In return, Maziarz has been the beneficiary of big-ticket fundraisers in Albany and New York City. His largest donor is a New York City billionaire.

Now Maziarz wants to represent us here in the City of Niagara Falls, bringing his failed policies and cynical politics of the past to the Cataract City. His brand of politics promises nothing but the high taxes and job losses he has brought the rest of his district.

But in this election there is a choice. Amy Hope Witryol represents a refreshing new face to change the status quo here.

Amy is a proven leader, who spent a career developing one of the most important economic drivers, local business.

She has a track record of standing up and being heard on issues which are important to our community. I'm confident if we elect Amy to the State Senate, we will be sending a woman to Albany who will work across the aisle to do what's best for her district while, standing up to party bosses.

On Nov. 6, we have a choice. We can vote for the failed policies and stagnation of a career politician, or we can vote for someone with private-sector experience who is determined to lift this district out of last place. Let's send Amy Hope Witryol to Albany to stand up for us.

Nicholas A. Melson

Niagara Falls