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Letter: Volunteers work to control cat population

Volunteers working hard to control cat population

The wonderful, dedicated volunteers of both Feral Cat Focus, headed by Eddie Offhaus, and Operation Pets deserve to have this community's full and undivided respect. These people volunteer hundreds of hours to help control the cat population in the greater Buffalo area.
Every Sunday, and I mean every Sunday, Feral Cat Focus volunteers are at Operation Pets at 6 a.m. getting ready for their day that will not end until 6 p.m. They work tirelessly to help support the Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Release program. This is a huge success and works. Every community should adopt this program.
I realize that there are a few people who complain about everything. I believe instead of complaining maybe these people could volunteer to help out at the clinic and see the wonderful work these groups have accomplished instead of causing more headaches and heartache for these wonderful people.
Angela Banaszak