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Letter: Teachers and mentors can't replace parents

Teachers and mentors can't replace parents

I am writing in response to the Sept. 21 News article about the increase of sexual activity among middle and high school students. I've worked with, volunteered with and mentored many at-risk youth, especially street kids and incarcerated youth, since 2005. Teachers, mentors and others cannot replace parents.
Schools have taken on too much responsibility, such as feeding children in the summer, making house visits for Respite, providing clothes, and now teaching safe sex. Parents and guardians need to step in and actually parent. Schools should not be baby sitters or caregivers.
Children, teenagers and young adults my age need to also learn that birth control and condoms don't make it OK to have sex with everyone. We need to have more respect for ourselves and understand that friendships can become awkward or fizzle out after a "friends with benefits" gig. Some things, I believe, should be taught at home. As for teenagers and young adults, you're not that young. Show a little common sense and self-respect.
Megan DePerro