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Letter: Obama has nation on the right track

Obama has nation on the right track

I must take issue with the Sept. 24 letter, "Nation cannot afford another Obama term." The facts, and my memory, do not line up with what the writer stated.
Gas prices were never at $1.61 in November 2008 in Western New York. While they had dropped from well above $4 in the summer, they had not gone below $2 anywhere in our area.
I have not heard that 37.5 percent of people of working age are not working. Does that include double amputees and those with serious head injuries from the wars we have been fighting? Does it include those under 65 who may have retired? By the way, that includes Mitt Romney, who seems to live off his investments. Does it include students who are still in school? They are all of working age, but don't work.
What is government assistance? Student loans, Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid? One of the reasons for the child tax credit and other assistance to low-income families was to keep the minimum wage low. If we, as a nation, won't pay a living wage, we will help the less well off in other ways. Do you want to see starving children in the streets and families living under bridges?
Multiple cuts to programs and the Bush tax cuts expiring? These are a direct result of the Republicans' refusal to deal with the Obama administration. They won't even vote for programs they proposed and provisions they wrote if the president approves of those programs. Tax cuts for the very rich is the only thing they want to talk about.
The health care law? Actually, the more provisions are implemented, the more popular it becomes. Maybe the call to abolish it now is to keep people from really finding out how it will benefit them.
I guess I consider myself a kind of Blue Dog Democrat, but the proposals of Romney and Paul Ryan really make me fear that America will no longer be the refuge for the oppressed of the world, nor a haven for the downtrodden.
Cheryl Hewitt