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Letter: NFTA doesn't care about its ridership

NFTA doesn't care about its ridership

After reading the Sept. 25 article regarding the disrepair of the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority escalators and elevators at Buffalo's various stations, it has occurred to me that one thing remains quite clear. In determining who should get the bid in this ongoing, long-lasting problem, Executive Director Kimberley Minkel made a point, and I quote, "We did it because we thought it to be in the best interest of the authority." Two other board members (adults) got into a shouting match.
When will someone stand up and ask: "What is in the best interest of the paying ridership?" As they drive their expensive cars from their Amherst and Williamsville homes to these meetings, I now know that they only care about the "authority." Getting off the bus this morning, the driver announced: "Please exit the front, we are having issues with the back doors." The NFTA's new motto should be "At least half the stuff works."
Robert B. Maloney
West Seneca