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Letter: How can retirees support Obama?

How can retirees support Romney?

So, Mitt Romney has decided that 47 percent of the population is totally reliant on the government for survival. These people don't pay taxes, and they are all voting for President Obama because he has, somehow, created a utopia for them and their apparent lazy lifestyles. Never mind that a large proportion of these tax-evaders are retirees who prepaid for the largess, those who are or were in the military, and those slugs too poor to qualify for a tax burden. Somehow Romney forgot to add on the 7,000 or so millionaires who really didn't pay any taxes, but I digress.
What is dumbfounding is that located within Romney's despicable 47 percent is the older population demographic that makes up a plurality of people determined to vote for him. Why he'd toss them under the same bus as the Obama lovers eludes me. I guess older, angry white folks willing to excoriate the unions they started and vote for individuals who are determined to privatize the very social programs presently allowing them to subsist in retirement need to elect a guy who doesn't give a snail's trail about them. They must have their reasons, but considering they are voting directly against their own best sef-interests, it leaves one to wonder what might those reasons be?
Reminds me of those pictures on the airways depicting angry tea party members holding up signs at rallies protesting that the government should keep its hands off their Social Security and Medicare. It paints quite a picture indeed.
Stephen F. Saracino