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Letter: Higgins is right on, the Skyway must go

Higgins is right on, the Skyway must go

After reading the article in The News on Sept. 25, I think Rep. Brian Higgins has hit the nail right on the head. The Skyway is an out-of-date, concrete dam that separates the city from any real type of access to the waterfront. Higgins sent a letter to the New York State Department of Transportation in Albany and the commissioner says he is going to review it. It sounds like building a signature bridge that will receive multiple bird strikes or Erie Canal rocks that will explode if we unearth them. Oh, by the way, we pay higher water bills than most cities built in the middle of the desert and we live next to one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, but that is an argument for another day.
Higgins' opponent for the 26th Congressional District race, Michael Madigan, cites the congressman's "ridiculous proposal" to tear down the Skyway and criticizes him for misusing terms such as "functionally obsolete." Madigan must travel a different route than Route 5. Has he ever been on the Skyway during morning rush-hour traffic with a stalled car at the top of the bridge? Has he ever been on the top of that bridge during a blizzard and been involved in a six-car pileup? Obviously, he has never broken down on the top of the Skyway and been blown off and fallen to his death. Higgins' "alarmist language" is what this city needs. It is a nice view from on top of the Skyway when you're leaving Buffalo for the last time. Madigan, do us all a favor and mind your own business.
Raymond Conta