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Q: What was the name of the earlier series Simon Baker of "The Mentalist" did, in which he and another actor played father and son lawyers? - Pat Marshall, Port St. Lucie, Fla.
A: It was "The Guardian," in which Baker starred with Dabney Coleman. It had a healthy run of three seasons on CBS, though "The Mentalist" would become the biggest series hit Baker has had to date.


Q: I've heard that Jimmy Kimmel's show is moving to an earlier time. When does that happen? - Mike Woods, Columbus, Ohio
A: January. There's already much conversation about ABC pitting "Jimmy Kimmel Live" directly against CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman" and NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," with ABC apparently banking on Kimmel's relative youth being an advantage there.
Once the move is made, "Nightline" will follow Kimmel, with the network also giving the newsmagazine a weekly prime-time hour starting in March.


Q: On "The Newsroom," who was the actress who played the gossip columnist threatening to destroy anchorman Will's career? - David Phillips, Virginia Beach, Va.
A: That was Hope Davis, long a darling on the independent film circuit ("The Myth of Fingerprints," "American Splendor"), though she's also done her share of major studio movies ("Hearts in Atlantis," "Real Steel"). Besides "The Newsroom," she's done quite a bit of other work for HBO in recent times; she also was in the cable network's "Mildred Pierce," "The Special Relationship" and "In Treatment."