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Letter: Occupy movement is melting pot of activists

Occupy movement is melting pot of activists

I am writing in response to an editorial cartoon posted in the Sept. 24 News depicting the face of the Occupy movement as an anarchist punk and a hippie. I felt the cartoon was a gross misrepresentation of an entire sect of a global population and activist movement.
Occupy is a continuing global movement led by people of every race, religion and nationality; middle class and poor; men, women, and children who share many of the same values and concerns. The 99 percent vie not for a utopian society as some may believe, but for a society where the balance between the masses is more equal. They want to put an end to a society driven solely by wealth and greed. Simply put, there is a good chance they are like you and me. To limit their ranks to simply that of punks and hippies is an insult to an entire melting pot of activists fighting for 99 percent of the population.
David Mangan