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Duplicate Bridge: Sept. 29

The Bridge Center of Buffalo and the Airport Bridge Club take part in the ACBL instant match point game at 7:15 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 4. Hand analysis booklets will be offered. Winners can earn red and gold points.
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The Airport Club has a double-point Swiss teams game with free pizza at 11 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 30. Call 603-6943 to sign up. The club has triple-point games at 11:59 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3, and 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 4, and a pairs game at 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 5, followed at 1:30 p.m. by a triple-point Swiss teams game with 5 percent gold points for winners.
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Congratulations to Jay Levy, whose total of 17.90 made him the top master point winner at last weekend's Buffalo Fall Sectional Tournament in the Father Justin Council Knights of Columbus Hall on Union Road in Cheektowaga.
Other leading point winners included: Bud Seidenberg, 15.92; Saleh Fetouh, 14.99; Ken Meier, 14.18; Susan Cooper and Brian Meyer, 13.27; Michael Ryan, 12.30; John Ziemer, 11.56; and Dan Gerstman, 10.97. In all, 142 players earned points in the three-day competition.
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The Buffalo Spooktacular Regional Tournament takes place Tuesday, Oct. 23, to Sunday, Oct. 28, in the Grand Island Holiday Inn. For info, click on this link:
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Looking for local bridge clubs on the web?
Bridge Center of Buffalo:
Bridge Club Meridian
Western New York Unit 116:
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Duplicate scores
Week of Sept. 17 to Sept. 23
ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday morning - International Fund Game. North-south, A/B: Doug Dean and Beverly Dale, 58.10%; C: Linda Vassallo and Wilson McClaren, 50.85%; east-west, A: John Ziemer and Liz Clark, 67.60%; B: Vince and Christine Pesce, 56.80%; C: Margaret Miles and Dede Kluckhohn, 46.63%.

Airport Bridge Club Tuesday morning - International Fund Game. North-south, A: Vince Pesce and John Ziemer, 60%; B: Linda Wynes and Jan Hasselback, 58.75%; east-west, A/B/C: Ruth Wurster and Adrian Figliotti, 59.17%.

Airport Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon - International Fund Game. Howell, A: Beverly Dale and Dale Anderson, 60.65%; Liz Clark and Jerry Geiger, 57.76%; B: Adrian Figliotti and Jean Macdonald, 57.56%; C: Andrei Reinhorn and Elaine Kurasiewicz, 47.33%.

Airport Bridge Club Wednesday afternoon - International Fund Game. Howell. A: Celine Murray and Dale Anderson, 64.59%; Bob Andersen and Vince Pesce, 63.33%; B: Bill Boardman and Jean Macdonald, 54.17%; Rita Sofia and Janet Frisch, 51.85%; C: Barbara Sadkin and Pawan Matta, 47.78%; Bob Lederhouse and Paul Zatulove, 39.17%.

Airport Bridge Club Thursday morning - International Fund Game. North-south, A: Jim Mathis and Barbara Libby, 61.83%; B: Ruth Hnath and Faith Perry, 56.67%; C: Maury and Lois Tatelman, 51.42%; east-west, A/B: Bruce Burr and Ross Markello, 61.68%; C: Linda Milch and Sharon Chang, 46.94%.

Airport Bridge Club Friday afternoon - Howell. A: Bill Boardman and Mike Silverman, 60.94%; Ginny Panaro and Doug Dean, 56.96%; B: Eleanor Whelan and Carlton Stone, 50.52%; C: Joe and Ann Williams, 48.44%; Judy McDermid and Marilyn Steffan, 46.73%.

Airport Bridge Club Saturday morning - Individual Game. A: Bob Linn, 62.50%; B: Fenton Harrison, (tie) Chuck Heimerl, Bill Boardman, 55.56%; C: Elizabeth Young, 54.17%; Sudhakar Rao Perala, 45.83%.

Airport Bridge Club Sunday afternoon - Individual Game. A/B: (tie) Nancy Wolstoncroft, Ginny Panaro, 55.36%; C: Ruth Hnath, 48.21%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday noon - Non-life masters. North-south, A: Arthur "Chip" Kean and Art Matthies, 67.80%; Ted Kahn and Paul Zatulove, 55.11%; B: Natalie Abramson and Paula Rosen, 54.92%; C: Jane Roberts and Laura Houghtaling, 46.97%; east-west, A/B: Rivona Ehrenreich and Jo Finton, 65.15%; Linda Milch and Sharon Chang, 54.36%; C: Sandra Morrison and Norma Cohen, 52.84%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday morning - North-south, A/B: Donna Steffan and Judy Padgug, 60.16%; Fred Yellen and Bud Seidenberg, 59.72%; Meg Klamp and David Millward, 58.86%; C: Fran Kurtz and Harold Meyers, 52.78%; east-west, A/B: John Ziemer and Allen Beroza, 63.66%; C: Janet Dimet and Sharon Wilcox, 56.48%; Dorothy and Ed Rupp, 55.32%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Wednesday evening - Howell. A/B: David Hemmer and Saleh Fetouh, 71.07%; Warren O'Connell Jr. and Chris Urbanek, 60.18%; Bob Olin and Mary Jo Crone, 54.17%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday noon - Non-life masters. North-south, A: James and Karen Stephenson, 63.13%; Joyce Greenspan and Natalie Abramson, 56.28%; Ted Kahn and Richard McGowan, 55.43%; B/C: Peggy Stock and Cherry Searle, 48.48%; east-west, A: Sol Messinger and Helen "Mickey" Martin, 57.25%; B/C: Liz Hemenway and Anne Astmann, 52.17%;

Bridge Center of Buffalo Thursday evening - North-south, A: Christy Kellogg and Bert Hargesheimer, 68.75%; B/C: Penny and Peter Shui, 58.04%; Sandra Marcussen and Judie Bailey, 54.17%; east-west, A: Mark Pascale and Buxees Singh, 58.73%; Gary Schmitt and Bob Olin, 56.08%; B: Ken Meier and Walt Olszewski, 53.70%; C: Gaurang Sheth and Gabriel Tannenbaum, 41.01%.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday morning - Beverly Mallor and Denies Tait, 69.58%; Ruth Huppuch and Sandra Laub, 57.73%; Jack Kern and Lance Crawford, 55%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday morning - International Fund Game. North-south, A: Joanne Kelley and Stan Kozlowski, 60.32%; B: Eleanor Whelan and Walt Olszewski, 54.71%; C: David Millward and Jean Macdonald, 48.71%; east-west, A: Adrian Figliotti and Jim Gullo, 61.86%; B: Mercedes Reinbolt and Bob Olin, 51.54%; C: Joe Benenati and Bob Lederhouse, 44.45%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday evening - Howell. A/B: Bob Olin and Beverly Dale, 59.38%; Gwilym Brick and Dan Blatz, 52.08%.

Delaware Wednesday evening - North-south, Joyce Kindt and Ron Fill, 62.1%; Edna Fill and Nancy Acara, 59.2%; east-west, Dorothy Kumrow and Bud Eckert, 58.6%; Chuck Heimerl and Vince Taeger, 55.10%.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening - Howell. A: (tie) Miriam Regnet and Kathryn Fenn, Walt Olszewski and Gene Giorgini, 58%; B: Jim Madan and Mark Pascal, 56%; C: Jean Rosenthal and Roy Crocker, 55%.

Unit 116 Buffalo Fall Sectional Friday morning - A/B: Kamil Bishara and Bob Feasley, 72.07%; Ken Meier and Joe Rooney, 64.16%; C: Nancy Littenberg and Joyce Greenspan, 61.02%.

Unit 116 Buffalo Fall Sectional Friday afternoon - A: Jay Levy and Saleh Fetouh, 64.58%; B: Chongmin Zhang and Joanne Kelley, 62.73%; C: Liz Bryers and Janet Glazebrook, 54.51%.

Unit 116 Buffalo Fall Sectional Saturday morning - A: Ranald Davidson and Dan Gerstman, 69.23%; B: Elaine Kurasiewicz and Barry Passer, 68.62%; C: Arthur "Chip" Kean and Art Matthies, 59.15%.

Unit 116 Buffalo Fall Sectional Saturday afternoon - A: Susan Cooper and Brian Meyer, 67.65%; B: John Ziemer and Michael Ryan, 64.38%; C: Peter and Penny Shui, 56.64%.

Unit 116 Buffalo Fall Sectional Sunday - Swiss teams. A: Saleh Fetouh, Bud Seidenberg, Chris Urbanek and Jay Levy, 169 VPs; B/C: Gaurang Sheth, Ken Meier and Peter and Penny Shui, 138 VPs.

Other clubs

Amherst Senior Center Monday afternoon - North-south, David Stroud and Chuck Heimerl, 60%; Marion Morber and Shirley Cassety, 56%; east-west, Neil Katz and Joe Day, 71%; Diane Forrest and Joanne Zavarella, 54%.

Amherst Senior Center Thursday morning - North-south, Marv Feuerstein and Anita Rauch, 57%; Harry Rogers and Dave Stroud, 53%; east-west, Martin Schaus and Ruth Walsh, 59%; Joean and Paul Lazarus, 49%.

Canterbury Woods Duplicate Wednesday - North-south, Lil Ungerleider and Dee Schaeffer, 58.3%; Adrienne and Harris Goldstein, 55/6%; east-west, Nita Ferrell and Ruth Killeen, 72.2%; Irwin Brock and Bernie Myer, 59.5%.

Clarence Senior Center Thursday - North-south, Pawan Matta and Fenton Harrison, 54%; east-west, Elaine Wegrzyn and Alan Ohloeft, 56%.

Friday Dupliclub - North-South, Edna and Ron Fill, 58%; Jennifer and Peter Reynolds, 54%; east-west, Frank Belz and Adam Dzimian, 58%; Angela Curtis and Sandra Marcussen, 54%.