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Letter: Will GOP realize we're all in this together?

When will GOP realize we're all in this together?

I believe the most shocking revelation from that recent fundraiser video was when Mitt Romney (the leader of a party that keeps offering us Chris Collins, despite the voters' rejection of him) said that roughly half of all Americans "believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing."
What Romney and his Republican brethren seem to be saying is that only those able to succeed within an often unforgiving capitalist system deserve the basic necessities of life, and the rest be damned.
When will the Mitt Romneys and Chris Collinses of the world learn that we - Americans all, both rich and poor - are in this together?
Further evidence of their moneyed arrogance can be seen in Collins' recent TV ad in which a series of regular folk meekly express their gratitude because "Chris gave me a job," as if it were a gift and he was not profiting from their labor.
While we don't begrudge Romney and Collins the hundreds of millions they have amassed from an economy dependent on an infrastructure that was paid for by all, we can hope that, if elected, they will not work to deny food, housing or health care to those not as clever or lucky as they.
Patrick Henry
Orchard Park