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Letter: Verizon is providing state-of-the-art service

Verizon is providing state-of-the-art service

The author of the Sept. 21 Another Voice, "Lack of access to fiber optics puts Buffalo at risk," has bought into the misguided notion that residents and businesses in Buffalo cannot and will not have superfast Internet access, just because Verizon and other cable companies have entered into a joint marketing agreement.
This short-sighted view of the technology world just doesn't add up, however. Verizon's landline division already provides residents and businesses in Buffalo several forms of high-speed access through Verizon's High Speed Internet product, which reaches virtually all areas across the city, and through FiOS Internet and voice services, which are available in parts of north and central Buffalo and the University District.
In addition, the company launched its 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless service in the Buffalo Niagara region last October, bringing true 4th generation wireless service to the area a full year ahead of its nearest competitor. The company is currently providing 4G high-speed wireless Internet access across the region, a project that is ongoing as expansion takes place to fill in local 4G LTE coverage area on a continual basis.
The availability of this state-of-the-art wireless service is enabling Buffalo residents and businesses to enjoy connections to the Internet at speeds comparable to those provided by cable companies with all the flexibility and convenience of mobility. The backbone of that 4G LTE deployment is a fiber-based network that reaches cell sites in the region.
These services are the result of Verizon companies investing millions of dollars in Western New York, and billions across the state. Verizon is currently focused on building out and marketing its FiOS services in those communities where it already has obtained the required cable television franchises.
Jim Gerace
Verizon, Vice President for New York
New Jersey and Connecticut