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Letter: Obama should know size of national debt

Obama should know size of national debt

It's bad enough that President Obama appears on the "Late Show with David Letterman" even though he can't find time to meet with the prime minister of our closest ally in the troubled Middle East. But when Letterman asks him a simple question about the size of the national debt, Obama "doesn't remember."
If Obama were a conscientious president, he would be worrying constantly about how we can extricate ourselves from about $16 trillion owed to China and other creditors. Didn't he take a peek at the Republican National Convention as a scoreboard displayed continuously how the debt amount increased from one minute to the next?
The truth is, Obama relished the opportunity to appear on a very popular program, hopeful of gaining more free public exposure and votes, but he did not want to remind his viewers of how deeply he has let our economy slide into a morass of debt.
Lucian C. Parlato