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Letter: Let Wind turbine industry stand on its own

Wind turbine industry should stand on its own

The Sept. 20 issue of the Wall Street Journal had an article written by Ed Whitacre, a former chairman and CEO of General Motors, "Time for 'Government Motors' to Hit the Road". In this piece, Whitacre simply asks why the Treasury Department has not sold the shares it holds for General Motors and let the company, after three years, get on with doing what it does best - building, selling and designing vehicles.
If I may be so bold, I'd like to ask our elected officials the same question regarding industrial wind turbines and the production tax credits. It seems that after 21-plus years of holding this industrial wind turbine industry up, they should set it free to do what it does best - design, develop and build a lasting supply of energy.
Why not go forward with some of the newer technology like tidal kites and wind kite turbines? Why not encourage private homeowners to install smaller, more efficient turbines? Why not further encourage business to erect WindTamer turbines?
Why do the industrial wind turbine companies instead want all of the money from the production tax credits for themselves?
Linda Makson