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Video game review 'Bust-N-Rush' fulfills need for speed, fun

In all of my gaming years, I've never enjoyed a hearty chuckle while holding back the urge to throw my keyboard at the wall in frustration. That is until "Bust-N-Rush," the first title by Techtonic Games, was released.
Currently only available for Windows, "Bust-N-Rush" is a straightforward runner game, similar to another famous indie game, "Audiosurf." You play as a juggernaut-like hero named Kovo who was forced out of retirement by the untimely destruction of his plastic flamingo lawn ornament named Paco.
"Bust-N-Rush's" rules are very simple: Don't fall and don't try to bust anything red. Simple, right? The complications of fast speeds at which your character moves through the level and the myriad obstacles blocking your way make that objective a little tougher. The goal is to smash your way through as many rocks and to collect as many shiny blue scorbs as possible. To aid you are a variety of power-ups that change from world to world.
"Bust-N-Rush" offers three of these worlds, each with its own unique challenges, obstacles and quirks. The three worlds are Depths of Thurl, Gearmageddon and The Last Bound.
"Bust-N-Rush" has three game modes - Survival Mode, Quest Mode and Bust-a-Friend Multiplayer. All of the game modes give you the ability to play any one of the three maps, on any difficulty. Survival Mode is a skill-straining game type where the end goal is very simply to get the highest score possible. Quest Mode is the most popular game mode, where you bust your way through levels, picking up quests that assign you tasks.
Also included in "Bust-N-Rush" is a multiplayer-like feature called Bust-a-Friend. While you never actually play against someone directly, you can check out your friends' scores, compare scores and even try to beat them in a game similar to Survival Mode. Having one of your scores beaten is met with a glowing saddening reminder that someone has beaten you. With Facebook integration, you can also brag to the "social scene" about your latest achievement or new high score, and send and receive challenges.
While on the surface "Bust-N-Rush" may appear to be a simple lane-hopping runner, a bulk of the fun you'll have resides in the massive amount of features, from multiple worlds to awesome power-ups.
"Bust-N-Rush" is available in Origin by EA for $19.99.