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'One At-Bat' will happen Tuesday for Marlins

Maybe you've heard about the Adam Greenberg story. It's been in the news a lot in the last month and took a dramatic turn Thursday morning on NBC's Today Show.

Greenberg is the former Chicago Cubs outfielder whose only at-bat in the major leagues ended when he was drilled in the head by a pitch while batting in a 2005 game against the Florida Marlins in Sun Life Stadium. Plagued by concussions, he struggled to work his way back into baseball but never got close to the major leagues again. He played some in the minors and independent ball, and was part of Team Israel in last week's World Baseball Classic qualifier.

All the while, Chicago filmaker Matt Liston started a grass roots campaign called "One At Bat" to get Greenberg one more shot in the big leagues, just so he wouldn't end up like Moonlight Graham from "Field of Dreams."

It was a silly longshot at first but momentum grew with thousands of signatures to an online petition signed by many prominent ex-MLBers. But the Cubs said no to Greenberg earlier this month and it looked like the movement was going nowhere real.

Until today.

The Miami Marlins extended an offer to Greenberg today and will sign him to a one-day contract so he can bat Tuesday night against the Mets in Marlins Park.  This time, he said, he assures you'll he'll swing.

Watch today's NBC video below, as well as the outstanding piece earlier this summer from ESPN's Outside the Lines.

---Mike Harrington
Twitter: @BNHarrington 

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