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Nailing that job interview <br> It's common for teens to think they wouldn't be able to get a job ?because of sports or extracurricular activities. But most business owners ?interviewed said they can be flexible...

Many teens are entering the workforce for the first time.

Have you ever wondered what hiring managers think during the interview process? It's difficult to know what they are looking for, what they like or what they don't.

Many teens may not think the way they are dressed when they show up to an interview is important, but it is.

"You don't need to be wearing a shirt and tie, but you should look clean and presentable," said Karen Long, owner of Garlock's restaurant in Lockport.

Wendy Wilson, owner of Wilson's Pizza Shop in Newfane, agreed that job seekers should look clean and neat.

And Matt Hoffman, manager of Budwey's supermarket in Newfane, had some more specific advice.

"Men should be wearing a shirt and tie," he said. "Women should be wearing a blouse and dress pants. You should not have any facial piercings."

Mark Newkirk, 18, works at Garlock's. He said the hardest part about going to his job interview was "knowing what [the potential employer] wants you to say. Or smiling; you have to remember to smile."

Newkirk's advice to other teens is "remember to dress properly and look clean; don't wear jeans. Another big thing is make sure to prepare ahead of time. You don't want to be stumbling over your words."

Teens may also wonder what not to do during an interview.

You should never lie about your employment history. An employer can easily check that information.

Don't let your boyfriend or girlfriend tag along.

It 's common for teens to think they wouldn't be able to get a job because of sports or extracurricular activities. But most of the business owners interviewed said they can be flexible and are willing to accommodate students' schedules. Some say they look for employees with a good work ethic and if a student is involved in sports, it shows that he or she probably has that.

It's not possible to know what all employers are looking for, but a job interview is important and should be treated that way.

Haliegh Seeloff is a sophomore at Newfane High School.