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Letter: Critics are not jealous, they are outraged

Critics are not jealous, they are simply outraged

I challenge recent letters to the editor accusing critics of extreme earnings and wealth accumulation by major entrepreneurs and managers of industry of jealousy. Did they determine this by applying a jealousy meter to a representative sample of socialists?
I suggest that jealousy isn't the emotion motivating them. Rather, it is outrage over the gluttonous plutocrats taking a grossly undeserved hunk of the economic pie, which leaves a lot less for the rest. Outrage over the arrogance displayed when they, their wanna-bes and defenders claim this is their reward for success, hard work and intelligence. As if others from various vocations lack these qualities, and are therefore inferior to the great "lords of creation." The "inferiors'?" contribution is just as vital to the success of a nation and its economy as those in the top 3 percent. Don't believe that? Just imagine if all "inferiors" took off the same day.
There is outrage that those with excessive wealth are able to choke democracy by purchasing politicians who believe that the self-interests of the plutocracy are the same as the nation's, or using their wealth to gain political positions themselves and directly promote their interest.
There is still more outrage that health care, infrastructure repairs and other social needs can't be met in part because a disproportionate amount of wealth flows in the wrong direction.
Daniel P. Adanti