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Letter: Let's not shoot the messengers

Let's not shoot the messengers

I love reading Doug Turner's columns, but I disagree with his Sept. 17 column "National media suffer huge credibility losses." He feels that the national media favored the Democrats over the Republicans covering this year's conventions.
When nonpartisan fact-check organizations blow Paul Ryan's convention speech apart because it's filled with lies and inaccuracies, that's not politics - his facts simply aren't right. And when Mitt Romney panders to the crowd with empty slogans and no details, like he doesn't even know what he believes until he reads the teleprompter, that's not the reporters' fault.
After tossing Ron Paul's supporters, the Republican National Committee was just simplistic slogans mouthing the same half-truths endlessly repeated on hate-talk-radio, all designed to manipulate voters' understandable anger, no doubt approved of by their billionaire super PAC benefactors.
We like Ann Romney, and we know Mitt's a decent guy, a good family man, but she married the genius who put the family dog on the roof of a fast-moving car, OK?
The Democrats simply reminded us that the world didn't erupt in bloody wars and the economy didn't crash on their watch. They didn't make President Obama a savior. Debt is bad. They didn't make him a Teddy Roosevelt standing up against the robber barons or a Franklin Roosevelt, who took on his generation's Wall Street greed. They simply said: He's trying. He gets it. Is that media spin?
The Democrats asked: Whose policies and unregulated financial environments caused this mess? They said Obama's stimulus package, which the Republicans so despise, worked. Remember the tent cities in 2009? Millions didn't suffer like they might have. Is that media bias?
Don't shoot the messengers, Doug. They call it like they see it.
Tony Colabello