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Letter: Democrats' giveaways hurting middle class

Democrats' giveaways hurting middle class

Mitt Romney stating that 47 percent of Americans will vote for President Obama because they are dependent upon government is not without merit. This is a perfect example that people have exploited the system. Where was all the controversy many years ago when Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan acknowledged that people on public assistance follow in the steps of their grandparents, parents and so on? In other words, it has become a way of life that they look forward to and are accustomed to.
For many, the truth hurts; however, entitlement of social services rendered is oversaturated in today's economy. Granted, many people have lost their jobs and can't find work, but this should be a short-lived problem and not a way of life. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, another liberal Democrat, wants illegal immigrants to receive college aid at the taxpayers' expense.
Too many giveaways: food stamps at record levels, free transportation, free cellphones, free this, free that! Obamacare is trouble and will drive up medical costs and taxes in the future. Too many people are taking the easy way out, and basically it is the Democrats who are hurting the middle class more than the Republicans are helping the rich.
Where did all that bailout money go? Windmills from China, banking bailouts, rescue of the auto industry - all these institutions have rewarded Obama with millions in campaign funds for re-election while the middle class is disappearing faster than a bald eagle.
Tony Hammill