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No sense investing in an old stadium

I've been a taxpayer in Erie County for over 60 years. I would like to know what the return would be on my investment if the taxpayers invest hundreds of millions of dollars into Ralph Wilson Stadium? To invest this type of money into an aging facility is absurd.
This stadium is used eight of ten times a year and the other 355 days stands empty and is exposed to all kinds of weather elements to decay. Not only does this make no economic sense but it also defies common sense. Would I invest a million dollars in a house or rent a house for eight or ten days a year? Of course not. It is easy for Ralph Wilson to demand this and that from Erie County but the big question it is not his money we are talking about.
I remember back in 1965 when we added 7,700 goalline to goalline seats. Then a few years down the road he wanted them out. It is time for our politicians to stop giving billionaires like Wilson more money without regard to our taxpayers. The bottom line is that taxpayer must have a return on his or her investment just like Ralph Wilson has.
Personally, I hope Andrew Cuomo and Mark Poloncarz take President Obama's advice to let billionaires like Ralph Wilson pay their share. But somehow I do not think this is going to happen because time and time against our elected officials do not practice what they preach.
Stanley Marlinski

Media support of referees was unfair to the NFL
All referees at times make bad calls, but that shouldn't mean that referees deserve pensions. The sports media in general claimed otherwise by siding with the locked-out referees every time a bad call was

Thomas Carrow

Monday night's 'travesty' was incentive to settle

Last Monday night, the Packers and the Seahawks played in a travesty disguised as a football game. The blown call on the final "Hail Mary" was just the climax to a night in which the referees, in addition to blowing a flagrant pass interference call on the same play, whistled 24 penalties for the two clubs for 245 total yards! There were also several other calls of dubious nature.
Did the NFL really need more incentive to settle their contract with the officials, and to have professional, paid, full-time refs? Fortunately, no.
Mike Daniels

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